Microsoft to bloggers: "Lets be friends"

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Microsoft has an initiative under way to befriend video game bloggers at E306. Let me introduce you to the Blogger Bus! According to Microsoft, this bus will be equipped with power outlets, WiFi, comfortable seating, and beverages for bloggers. It will be located right outside of the Expo so bloggers can go back and forth to report to the huddled masses. For the record, this bus is for invited bloggers only lest it fill up with any wary soul in need of a soft drink and a place to put his feet up.

This is another example of Microsoft's concerted effort to win over gamers and bloggers world wide. Bloggers have received special treatment from Microsoft at last years X05, at CES in January, at the Australia Xbox 360 launch in April and now at E3. Blogger benefits have included plane tickets, hotel rooms, food, behind the scene access, and interviews with Xbox brass. Not a bad gig being a blogger these days!

Microsoft seems to be using blogs as a major component in their marketing efforts. They are even encouraging Xbox employees to speak directly to consumers via blogs. Major Nelson famously burst onto the scene last year, giving readers inside information not even found on Microsoft's official website, The site is so popular it is practically an official Microsoft Xbox blog. Xbox PR Manager John Porcaro's blog became a semi-official Xbox organ last year near the launch of the 360 as readers flocked their to learn the inside story on why the 360 was selling out and what MS was doing to address the issue. Microsoft's commitment to blogging is also found at Gamerscoreblog (software, general Xbox info), at Xbox Team (Hardware Team), and now at HD DVD Team Blog.

Will this communication effort by Microsoft pay off? This much is clear, Sony is taking the opposite approach. They have been tight-lipped with gamers and the blogging community alike. In this battle, Microsoft is playing the scrappy upstart, Sony is playing the dominate big kid on the block. Time will tell who will win this battle of corporate giants.

3 Responses to “Microsoft to bloggers: "Lets be friends"”

  1. Anonymous glenn 

    I like the blog friendliness of Microsoft, and I think this Blogger Bus is a good approach towards targeting the niche of techies/bloggers who are probably gamers, too.

    I guess I've been holding out on XBox 360 for two reasons:

    (1) I'm broke.

    (2) I want to see what Sony actually comes up w/ in the PS3. The whole BluRay/HDVD offering is really quite intriguing.

    Cheers to Microsoft, though, in trying to stay ahead of the game even before both contestants have entered the ring.

  2. Anonymous PJ 

    Good comments Glenn. I will have to post on the BluRay v. HD DVD in the next couple of days.

  3. Anonymous henning 

    Hmmm. I guess you could also argue that Microsoft is buying the media.

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